You’re not going to enjoy a better experience with any other realtor team,

“I met Gail and Tori by chance one day, seeing one of their neighborhood flyers on my doorstep. I decided to give them a call on the chance that they might be willing to undertake what might be considered a “mission impossible”. I’d had my heart set on a nice little townhome nestled in a quiet little neighborhood near the local golf course and I had found that this was the only neighborhood for me! Of the six floor plans offered in this tract, I knew EXACTLY which one fit all my needs/wants criteria. It was perfect! The only problem was, it was a seller’s market at the time and a home with the exact floor plan I was looking for in this beautiful little neighborhood had not hit the market in years. I needed a couple of real pros on my side; making this dream a reality would be no easy task.

To my surprise, Gail and Tori took this mission on with a zeal that honestly surprised me! I had worked with other realtors in the area before but had never received the kind of time and attention that they were prepared to invest in me and my needs. In fact, they stood with me and went to bat for my cause for the rest of what turned out to be a full year – canvassing the neighborhood for leads, making phone call after phone call and even walking door-to-door at times to find a potential seller for me. They just never stopped. After a full year of searching to no avail, I had all but given up and thrown in the proverbial towel myself, but not these two. They would not abandon the search! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I received a phone call from Gail telling me that they had finally found a home with the exact floor plan I was looking for, and in one of the most picturesque corners of the neighborhood! Tori was prepared to show me the home right away and we all wrote up my offer immediately afterwards. My offer was indeed accepted and the rest, they say, is history.

In short, you’re not going to enjoy a better experience with any other realtor team, in any market, anywhere, period. These two extraordinary ladies went far above and beyond what would normally be accepted as “due diligence” in their field and made my dream and my impossible mission theirs. And they succeeded! They are warm, thoughtful, kind and considerate individuals who seem to have the kind of energy and passion for what they do that just begets excellence and excellent results. Truthfully, I’d give them three thumbs up. But I’ve only got two myself”.

— Ron Suffredini